The Holster Store Pro Carry LT

Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Review

January 1, 2016

The Holster Store Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Review 

Recently I purchased a Taurus 709 Slim single stack 9mm pistol and wanted to get an Inside the Waist Band (IWB) holster for conceal and carry purposes.  After doing some research on, I ended up deciding on a holster from The Holster Store called the Pro Carry LT.  I wanted an IWB budget holster in black leather that would work when not wearing a belt which means that the clip would need to be able to clamp firmly on the top of my pants or shorts.  When looking at the Amazon, it seemed the Pro Carry LT met all the requirements, but since I wasn't able to evaluate the spring force on the clip I had to take a gamble that it would be sufficient.  Fortunately, the gamble paid off and I was pleased with the clip retention capability. 

The price of the holster was basically $29 including the shipping.  If I had purchased it directly from The Holster Store, the price would have been $37, so make sure you shop around.  Although, there is an advantage to purchasing directly from The Holster Store because they offer a full range of options that you might not find at other locations such slide guards, cant angle, color, IWB or OWB, and separate snap-on magazine carriers.  The holster shown in this review is the simple black version without any extra options.


This next video is a YouTube review which you can watch for those who prefer a video format.  The video also shows multiple viewing perspective on the fit of this holster.

The holster came packaged as shown below and the label identifies it as the Pro Carry LT for Taurus 708, 709 & 740 pistols which are represent Taurus's Slim series of pistols.  The holster is also identified as the black IWB Right Hand (RH) model.  Also on the packaging is "Made in the USA."

Figure 1
Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Package

Inside the bag was the holster and product information guide shown below.

Figure 2
Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Items

Basically the holster is a piece of leather folder over and stitched to the handguns profile and the holster includes a leather support strap at the top and leather clip attachment on the side.

Figure 3                                                               Figure 4
Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Outside  Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Inside

The holster is extremely light weight weighing in at only 2.1 ounces.

Figure 5
Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Weight

The first time I inserted the pistol into the holster, the fit was extremely tight and it was difficult to get the trigger guard fully seated into the holster.  At that point I knew it was time to read the instructions on breaking in the holster.  Their instructions are as follows:

We strongly recommend that you unload your firearm before beginning this procedure. You will need to wrap the wax paper around your gun with the wax side facing away from the firearm. Simply insert the gun with wax paper around it into the holster. Make sure you fully seat the pistol into the holster to ensure proper fit. Leave your gun in the holster for 24-48 hours so that the holster can stretch about 2mm-3mm. Once time has elapsed please remove the gun from the holster and check the fit. You should have a perfect and proper fit. If your holster is still too tight after this process you will need to return it for an exchange. We strongly urge you to not use any type of liquid to stretch your holster. This could easily over stretch the product making it unusable and voiding your Lifetime Warranty.

After following this procedure, the holster really did have a great fit as shown in the photos below.  The holster also provided for some positive retention so that the pistol would not slide out if the holster was upside down.  The leather sticking below the end of the barrel seemed a little long, but that may have been for comfort reasons.

Figure 6                                                       Figure 7                                                         Figure 8       
Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Top  Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Outside with Pistol  Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Bottom

Only time will tell, but so far I'm pleased with the comfort of this holster.  I typically carry IWB with the holster on the front of my right pelvis area with my shirt un-tucked.  I found this holster to feel comfortable in that location.  The Holster Store does offer an option to this holster to include a slide guard (body shield) which is a piece of leather that extends from the top strap to provide extra comfort and also prevent sweat from getting on your handgun.

Figure 9
Pro Carry LT Taurus 709 Slim IWB Holster Inside With Pistol

The last thing worth mentioning on this holster is that it has a lifetime warranty.  There is not too much to go wrong on this holster other than stitching, but if for any reason you have an issue, contact The Holster Store to resolve the issue.


Bottom Line:

I'm pleased with The Holster Store Pro Carry LT for my Taurus 709 Slim handgun.  The holster is simple and very budget friendly.  After breaking it in properly, the holster ended up with a great fit.  I will definitely consider the Pro Carry LT holsters in the future as an economical option for other handguns.

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